49th Congress of RSN alongside / 28th Edition of the French Course in Neurosurgery 2024

Perioda: 11 – 14 septembrie 2024, Hotel International Sinaia

Dear colleagues and friends,

As the president of the organizing committee, in conjunction with Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to Sinaia for the 49th Congress of RSN alongside the 28th Edition of the French Course in Neurosurgery.

The field of medicine is currently experiencing ongoing transformations, marked by emerging concepts, progressively sophisticated technologies, and enhanced performance standards that are redefining our methodologies .Neurosurgery, acknowledged as the paramount surgical specialty, is not exception from these evolutionary dynamics. Through the forthcoming congress, dedicated to exploring the entire spectrum of surgical pathology, our objective is to accentuate the advanced elements within the scope of our professional commitment.

The history of medical higher education in Bucharest extends back for more than a century. The distinguished Romanian physician Carol Davila, in partnership with Nicolae Kretzulescu, played a crucial role in establishing the National School of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1857, thereby laying the cornerstone for medical education in our nation. In consequence of his pioneering endeavors, several prominent scientific societies were subsequently founded in our country:

Medical Society (1857)
Red Cross Society (1876)
Natural Sciences Society (1876)

Presently, Sinaia stands as a significant cultural hub, playing host to both international and national conferences. The town’s historical documentation dates back to 1690, coinciding with the establishment of the initial settlements surrounding the Sinaia Monastery for its safeguarding. Originally denominated as Izvorul, it underwent a renaming process in 1874 and attained city status in 1880, a designation conferred upon it during its transformation into the summer residence of King Carol I.

In convening this congress, our primary objective is to cultivate meaningful connections, perpetuate the enduring legacy of Romanian neurosurgery, and assemble individuals bound by a common thread—namely, their profound love and unwavering passion for the field of neurosurgery. The event serves as a platform for fostering camaraderie, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, and collectively advancing the frontiers of neurosurgical expertise.

Notably, we pay homage to the illustrious figure, Dumitru Bagdasar, whose pioneering contributions have significantly shaped the landscape of Romanian neurosurgery. As we gather, we aim to honor his legacy by diving into discussions that reflect the spirit of innovation and dedication exemplified by Bagdasar. We’re excited about this gathering becoming a key moment for collaboration, learning, and enriching our collective understanding of neurosurgical advancements.

To wrap up, we’re genuinely thrilled about having you in Sinaia this September 2024! Your presence is set to bring a delightful touch to our event, and we can’t wait to share memorable moments, forging connections that will endure. Looking forward to seeing you there for an unforgettable experience!

Assoc. Prof. Dan TELEANU, MD, PhD, RSN VicePresident

Organizator: https://www.rsncongress.ro/