Paediatric and Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation Course, Bucharest 2023

Dear all,

We are inviting you to participate to the Paediatric and Neonatal* Mechanical Ventilation Course, Bucharest, Romania on 30th – 31st of August 2023 (*Neonates admitted to Paediatric intensive care units).

The course is organised by “Sansa Unui copil” (A child’s chance) NGO, Bucharest and Paediatric Intensive care Consultants from Sheffield UK , in collaboration with experts of Respiratory Failure section of European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care (lead by Dr Alberto Medina).

The course is endorsed by ESPNIC to provide structured training in Paediatric and Neonatal ventilation for medical staff along the current Spanish model.

Before attending the  Paediatric and Neonatal* Mechanical Ventilation Course , you will be expected to have:

  • Completed the online course by 15th of August 2023. The course will be available to access soon and has a discounted price of 50 euro (all participants to the course will benefit of 50% discount of online course).
  • Access the book for the course “Handbook of Paediatric and Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation” (is recommended to also read the book).

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More Details
Course Director is Dr. Alberto Medina Villanueva (Spain)
Faculty members: Dr Alberto Medina Villanueva (Spain), Dr Vicent Modesto (Spain), Dr Yolanda López (Spain), Dr Cristina Camilo (Portugal)
Course Organizers: Dr. Paula Avram & Dr. Yaya Egberongbe (UK), Tatiana Ciomartan (Romania)
The venue is Simulation Centre of European Academy of Nursing (within Ponderas Academic Hospital), Nicolae Caramfil 85a street, Bucharest, 014142, Romania

Educational goals of our course are:

  1. To review the basic respiratory physiology
  2. To understand the principles of mechanical ventilation
  3. To become familiar with conventional modes of ventilation
  4. To improve understanding and interpretation of ventilator waveforms
  5. To troubleshoot patient-ventilator issues including asynchrony
  6. To understand the advantages and limitations of mechanical ventilation
  7. To get familiar with transport ventilation
  8. To review the basic principles of non-invasive mechanical ventilation.

All scientific content is conducted in English (online course, the book and face to face course).

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